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Brix Bar & Hostel

When we set out to design our hostel, we wanted to create more than just a place to sleep.
The guest experience is at the heart of all we do here, and our international staff will do everything in their power to welcome you to the family and make sure your stay in Prague is totally unforgettable. 

Our bar, chillout-lounge, and patio are the beating-heart of the hostel, the base from which guests form the memories of a lifetime. Don’t expect your regular hostel social spaces here. Our bar is the perfect spot to mingle with fellow-travellers and get 1st hand tips from locals and expats alike. Enjoy regular events, whether it be exhibitions by local artists, performances from our favourite local bands, or just flicking on a movie for a mellow Sunday evening. In the lounge you’ll find the perfect spot to relax on our comfy couches or enjoy the free WiFi to keep in touch with home and plan the next leg of your adventure.

Our team can’t wait to show you what makes this amazing city one of the number one tourist destinations in the world. We’ll take you to the best cultural sites, bars, restaurants and clubs in Prague and show you the locals’ perspective on the city that most tourists miss. We can organise all sorts of tours and activities at reception, from going to see a Czech ice hockey game to a trip to the famous Bone Chapel (Kutna Hora).

When your day is done, put your feet up in our cosy dorms and enjoy a fantastic nights’ sleep on our custom build bunk beds. You won’t find a more comfortable stay in Prague. With kitchens and bathrooms on each floor, you’re never too far away from home comforts. Guests enjoy free public computers, free tea and coffee all day, our book exchange and free linen. OHMAGAD! So what are you waiting for? We can’t wait to meet you! :)

Company's Information:

STP Productions s.r.o.

IČO: 04057228

Roháčova 132/15, Žižkov, 130 00 Praha 3

Zapsáno: 6. května 2015 v obchodním rejstříku, vedeného Městským soudem v Praze oddíl C, složka 241776.


Brix Hostel

Roháčova 132/15

130 00 Praha 3

tel.: 222 742 700


Our Journey

Brix Bar & Hostel is the result of a shared dream, realised sooner than any of us could have imagined. All of the staff used to work together at another hostel in Prague. Tired of seeing decisions made that we saw as having a negative effect on the guest experience, we realised that we could do a much better job on our own. And that’s where our story begins! After having lots of fun finding the perfect property and making all the necessary plans, we got the keys to the building on 1st January 2016. Then the real work began.

Just four months saw a complete transformation from an empty white-walled office building to a stylish and functional travellers’ hostel. Whether it be picking out the bathrooms, assembling the custom-built bunk-beds, or painting the walls, our team designed our entire space with you in mind. Starting from the ground up means that we didn’t have to cut any corners. From amazing wifi to the comfiest of couches (and let’s not forget a seriously well-equipped bar), Brix has everything you need to make sure your stay in Prague is totally unforgettable.

The Crew





Tanja deals with all things important and official and keeps us all in line when she doesn’t have a glass of wine in her hand (and sometimes when she does).

Horek McWilliams

Operations Manager

Party Officer


Horek first moved to Prague in the 90s and after moving around a bit, settled on the Golden City as his homeland. Sweet dance moves, great hair, and awesome kitchen skills are his trademarks, and he makes a mean Bloody Mary if you ask nicely.

Alex Duckett

Operations Manager

Head of Caffeine Distribution


Alex moved to Prague in 2014 after falling love with the city while travelling. Years of hostel, hotel, and bar experience mean he’s ready to give you an amazing hostel experience! His coffees aren’t too bad either.

Alexia Julia


of Ceilings


A star with all things arty, Alexia moved to Prague in 2012. She’ll have a double-espresso if it’s the morning and a huge glass of red wine if it’s after midday. I hope you’re lucky enough to be in town when she makes paella!

Callum Hitchen


Head of Complaints Department


Callum moved to Prague in 2014 with Alex and the adventure began there. He knows his way around a bar, and when he’s not pouring a pint or working at reception, he’s cooking a stew!

Neil Tilbury ‘Mel’


Chief of 80s


Neil moved to Prague in 2013. Since then he’s been teaching us all to dance like…er…. Neil. His Prague bar and club knowledge is second-to-none. If you need him, he can be found asleep on the bar at around 5am.

Peter Biolopky

Maintenance Manager



Our Slovakian eternal hero and guardian, Peter does everything we can’t (which is a lot!). Never seen resting and always smiling - he’s ready to jump up and fix any problems that arise. Buy him a beer (or “Pivo”), he deserves it!

Stephen Eder




The man with the plan. His is a vodka + soda