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Potluck Harvest Festival

Hi You Guys!

Since it is getting around the time when Harvest Festivals are happening worldwide, we thought it would be appropriate to do our own version at Brix 11th of October.

We are having a Harvest Festival Potluck Dinner... What does that mean?

Well we'd like to designate one special day for a tradition that the Brix Team has had as a year round must, for years as a family. We want you to be a part of this fun moment with us. It's a great way to get to know your fellow Brixmates, while sharing a nice spread of food and drink with one another.

For this event we ask that everyone try to be on time, so that we can all sit down and break bread together. There are no real rules really, other than, get in the kitchen and be the best culinary artist you can be. So if you want to team up and make something with a friend or if you want to shine by yourself, it is up to you. Just please bring a dinner dish that you think would be nice to share with others. We will place all the dishes together and have one big dinner feast.

For those of you that are really not into cooking or just can't, please still join us. You are welcome to bring something ready made or store bought to share.